**CLASS PASS for 4 Toddler Craft Sessions at the Mum Hub at Mini and Moi in Knutsford


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Product information "**CLASS PASS for 4 Toddler Craft Sessions at the Mum Hub at Mini and Moi in Knutsford "

Grown Up and Toddler Craft Session 

Date: Fridays at 1.45 PM  
Location: Mini and Moi, 8 Minshul Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HG 

Class Pass for 4 consecutive sessions at Mini and Moi during term time.
If you can't make one of the sessions, just give me a shout and we'll find a solution.

The usual price per craft session is £8.50 - by buying a class pass for 4 sessions, this works out at just £7 per class!
Class description:
Do you have a toddler at home that you would like to do more Arts and Crafts with?
Do you sometimes lack the ideas, the supplies and can't be bothered dealing with the tidy up afterwards?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions the Love To Craft Mcr Craft Sessions will be perfect for you and your little one!
In a small group and a lovely environment we get to be creative together. 

During the Craft Session you will make a craft with your little one that you get to take home with you. Each Craft will be paired with a book or another activity, to introduce the creative time.
The Crafts will be based on Process Art, which means that we will focus on the process to make sure the kids get to really enjoy the making. However, at the same time this Craft will be prepared and thought through to make sure you will absolutely love it and be really proud of it! Life is too short for Crafts that disappear in the next cupboard. They deserve to be displayed with pride! 

The duration of this craft session is around 30 minutes.

Please make sure that the children wear clothing that can get dirty, as being creative can sometimes get a little messy :).

* The price covers one adult and one toddler.