Hi, my name is Greta...

...and I am the founder of Love To Craft Mcr.
I want to make crafting fun and accessible to everyone.

I have a passion for all things creative. From a very young age arts and crafts was a big part in my life and today, as an adult, it is one of the things that make me happy. Not a week passes without me working on a little project.
I love to be creative with other people, with friends and family - and especially with my children.

I am a strong believer in process art, which means I focus on the experience and the making as well as the final product, though the artwork will be just as fantastic...or even more!

I strongly believe that crafting can be fun for so many different kinds of people. Crafting is a hobby, an activity for all kinds of ages. 

Working with the hands and producing something with your own creativity and patience is not only magical, it is also proven to be beneficial for our wellbeing and mental health!

I want to remove the stereotype that crafting is slightly old-fashioned and uncool. I am convinced that this is not true and that with the right tailoring anyone can craft! Crafting is not just for grannies!

Not everyone has the skills, tools, experience, and knowledge to start crafting on their own – and that is where I come in. I take the stress out of crafting. I provide the materials and everything else that you need to relax. I lead your crafting experience by showing you different techniques. You can just focus on the experience – without having to worry about materials, the setup, reading instructions etc.

Also, crafting in a group is so much fun. I am convinced that – with a little help – everyone can craft!